by Pat the Lifeguard

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released June 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Pat the Lifeguard San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Chemicals
take an aerial in time
readjust to us
cuz i can't see us making do
it's just not true enough
i speak reality you see
it's just not in your vernacular
i can't see how im attacking her..
how i'm the monster..

cuz it takes one to know one
concentrate on the rising sun
and you'll begin to see what your face does to me
every sight and of you

there's things we see from the outside looking
like a man with a gun to his girl on the couch
and a knife to his best friend
it's times like these
we have an understanding of it all
so take that knife from your back
and your fear of the fall

cuz it takes one to know one
compliments on the rising sun
and as night turns to day cuz we burned it away
the fucks i give is none

an array of chemicals
in the center of where
i attempt to remember
the words of my songs
im all over the place
cuz you can't erase..
Track Name: In the Mirror
it's been so long since i thought i loved last
buried in the sand
are all those nights that we had carried from our past
so say the world caved in
right where we stand
allowing us to find those nights
that we never wanted to end

of course, the things that break will need to mend
time does things to minds that only hearts can understand
so at the sight of the night, i'll leave them where i left them

and if it wasn't a fact that life was fucked i'd lose my cool
sell all my shit to make some weed money and drop out school
these thoughts aren't new at all for me
so in the mirror i stare into my eyes deeply
and know that i just need to be the best i can be

where did I leave them?
and did i leave?

you'll always find me deep in thought or wondering
how did i get here?
and even if i make the world spin backwards
i have a feeling id have the same year
Track Name: Shooting Star
we used to talk about our days
like we spent them all together
but we talked about today
it was the last time we spent forever
you were so over dramtic
when you think-ed like that
what was i supposed to do when my days with you were the best i ever had

and there's many good things that will
follow falling in love that could be lovely
or they could be the death of me

they say we can't but we do
i'll shine the light straight through you
and you'll see
that it's not over just yet
you could be my best bet
if thats what i want you to be
i'll wish on a shooting star

mistakes we make a lot
but at least i could admit what i've done
my own rules have been betrayed
and i'm glad to say that we made it through another one

life is always what you make it
and you almost made it good
once you recognize your fate yeah
you'll realize your worth
Track Name: Appreciation
Hold the phone when you're all alone. And if she doesn't call i won't care at all, if she does i'll pick up the phone. Hard nights, but with me i guess that things will be alright. it's you I worry about it's you. Oh how I miss the touch of human skin, oh when will it begin? Cuz if I force it then I'll forget the whole meaning of appreciation.Cuz we're just best friends, and I think that I know how it ends. I'll come knocking
Track Name: Supreme
feels like i just got to know myself this morning. If i get high again maybe I can pretend I am someone else. at least perspective wise, yeah you're the type to laugh in my face. It's not my point in life there's no point in mine to put you in your place. A coma or to fall asleep right now would be supreme. Go do some sketchy thing just to have a dream for the rest of time. i learned to display the lessons gave to me by common sense confidence, and knowledge. Of which we may or may not be able to attain. Everyone keeps coming up saying words to me like comments, and compliments, and I'm like does it even really matter in the first place. It's love harmless, and endless in life. it always gets me down, but if you listen close to the sound you can hear it. If the worst always brings all the best things out to you, and you can hate it from the depths of your guts, but you know that its true.